You'll Get Results

Our Training System

The Transcend Fitness & Performance Center training system is what sets us apart from any other gym you have been to.  We have developed the components that take the guesswork out of reaching your goals and put the science back in.  We provide a complete training program and a highly qualified fitness coach who will guide you every step of the way of your transformation.  One size does not fit all; we all require a specific workout program.  For customized results, you need a customized program. 

Transcend Fitness & Performance Center's training system is based on science.  We get real results, fast!  Using the application of science, we develop a customized approach to fitness, health, physique enhancement and well-being. 

  • Appropriate Cardiovascular Activity: Only the correct amount of cardiovascular work at the correct intensity will help you reach your goals.  Doing the wrong type of cardio, at the wrong intensity, for the wrong amount of time, can actually work against you and keep you from reaching your goals.

  • Appropriate Resistance Training: Muscle is the body's fat burning machinery.  Resistance helps to build and maintain a good fat burning engine.

  • Professional Assistance and Scientific Manipulation:  This is where most people go wrong.  Not every program is going to work for everyone, and no program will work forever.  As your body changes, your program must change too.  Your fitness coach will help to modify your plan as your body changes so you continue to see optimal results.