Success Stories

Don't Just Take Our Word For It, Hear How Our Members Feel Different, Move Different, Look Different & Play Different!



"...Just the other day I was able to squat using a barbell with some weights!"


"Before attending a class at Transcend, I was primarily focusing on running with very few 'cross training days.' Within my first month, I realized that Transcend and Mortez were a great fit for me. Just the other day I was able to squat using a barbell with some weights! I'd never dreamed of doing that before! When I started at Transcend, it was hard enough for me to do a squat just with my body weight, but Mortez has worked me up to using a weight I never thought possible. Mortez is great at working you hard and challenging you during each class. He's not one to scream and yell, but if he does yell down your way, it's to encourage you to get a move on. He knows you can handle it and reminds you of that. Sometimes he even joins in to help motivate you! Mortez and Dyan actually came out to support me in my first ever half marathon. Seeing them on the course gave me such a boost and I was able to finish a lot stronger than I had thought. It's great to attend a gym where the owners are great people and the other members are also supportive. I always have a good time during classes, even if I feel like I can't do that last push up. Overall, I feel stronger, happier and healthier since starting with Transcend. I can't recommend this gym and Mortez enough. " ~ Shaye M.


"...I now have strength I never would have imagined having..."

"I have been working out with Transcend Fitness and Performance Center for about two (2) months now. Before joining, I had not worked out or stepped foot in a gym for about three months straight. I was tired, bored and unmotivated by the gym in my apartment community; and I needed something fun, new and excitingFinding Transcend has been a major blessing. The workouts are never boring, my husband and I do it together, and it works. I now have strengths that I never would have imagined having; I have endurance and energy like never before; and it is easier for me to get up and come to Transcend each week to workout.  I can clearly see muscle on my body in places I have never seen it before. Transcend's workouts are fun, challenging and results oriented. I recommend it to anyone wanting a long-term lifestyle change." ~Ivey S.W, Esq.


"...Mortez's expertise in proper exercise and nutrition is easily apparent and unlike no other I found in the area..."

"Mortez and Transcend have been what I've been looking for!!  Mortez has developed a challenging circuit training program that leaves me feeling stronger and more fit every day.  He has a  way of assessing my needs and capabilities in order to maximize my workouts.  Every day, Mortez has a smile on his face and my best interests in his heart.  He is truly an engaged participant in making sure I use correct form and pushes me beyond where I would take myself if left alone.  He's not just a trainer, he's my partner in my fitness journeyMortez's expertise in proper exercise and nutrition is easily apparent and unlike no other I found in the area!" ~ Mittie T



Transcend Fitness and Performance Center changed my life!  
I was overweight and out of shape. Within just a matter of weeks of joining the gym, I was seeing improvement.  Mortez Sellers created an individual exercise plan for me. He also provided nutritional information to follow.  His attention to detail  and knowledge is amazing. He continuously challenges you by tweaking your exercise program.   I leave the gym everyday amazed at what I can do.  His confidence in his ability to improve your fitness just spills over to you.  His upbeat attitude is infectious.  You canít help but feel good about going to the gym.
If you are willing to commit to the program, and follow his advice, you will see results.  I have lost 70+ pounds and my energy and strength are amazing.  My only regret is that I didnít know about Transcend Fitness and Performance Center sooner!  If you want to experience a quality fitness program with results, then you need to join now.  What are you waiting for?